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Símbolo de la Globalización y la internacionalización de las empresas japonesas. Honda produce ahora mas autos en EE.UU. que en Japón

Honda fue la primera empresa de autos japonesas que empezó a producir vehículos en EE.UU. en 1981.

Tomado de: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100804/AUTO01/8040327/1148/More-Hondas-are-built-in-U.S.-than-in-Japan

More Hondas are built in U.S. than in Japan

First quarter output here beats that in Japan for first time

Christine Tierney / The Detroit News

For the first time in its history, Honda Motor Co. built more vehicles in the United States during the April-June quarter than it did in Japan.

Honda, the first Japanese company to build a car factory in the United States, said its U.S. output totaled 236,819 vehicles in its fiscal first quarter. It produced 236,559 vehicles in Japan in the same period.

Spokesman David Iida confirmed Tuesday that it was the first time that Honda's U.S. vehicle output had exceeded Japan's for a full quarter.

For the first six months of 2010, Honda's Japanese output of 491,024 vehicles surpassed the U.S. total of 480,913 vehicles.

Company officials say Honda has steadily increased its local output, not just in the United States but in other regions.

The proportion of Honda vehicles sold in the United States that are produced in North America reached 90 percent in the first six months of 2010.

In all of North America, Honda's output totaled 322,260 vehicles in the first quarter of the fiscal year begun on April 1.

"In the long term, there are more growth opportunities in the United States than there are in Japan," said analyst Jesse Toprak at TrueCar.com in Santa Monica, Calif.

"There's not much growth in Japan, where there's a population decline. In the United States, sales can only get better."

But the fastest growth will occur in emerging markets, he said.

Benefiting from robust sales in the United States and Asia, Honda reported strong first-quarter earnings last week. The Tokyo-based automaker reported a steep rise in net profit, to 272.4 billion yen, or $3.2 billion, from 7.5 billion yen, or $81 million, a year ago. It also increased its earnings forecast for the year.

Japan's automakers are profiting from rebounding demand across Asia and in Japan. Honda, the world's leading motorcycle manufacturer , also is benefitting from brisk motorcycle sales in emerging markets.

Honda initially produced motorcycles in the United States after building a plant in Marysville, Ohio, in 1979. It began auto production in Ohio three years later.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100804/AUTO01/8040327/1148/More-Hondas-are-built-in-U.S.-than-in-Japan#ixzz0veFUnTQN

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