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Minutes of the 1st FEALAC Vision Group Meeting, Corea , marzo 2012

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Minutes of the 1st FEALAC Vision Group Meeting
March 13, 2012
1.                    The 1st FEALAC Vision Group Meeting was held in Seoul on the date of
March 13th, 2012.
2.           The Vision Group elected by consensus Dr. Won-Ho Kim as the 1st Chair and
Dr. Carlos Aquino as the 2nd Chair of the FEALAC Vision Group.
3.                The report drafting committee of the Vision Group is constituted as below,
with a key editor and a co-editor for each section of the report:
1)     International Situation and the Strategic Objectives of FEALAC (Dr. Somjai Phagaphasvivat as Key-Editor and Ambassador Marcos Bezerra Abbott Galvao as Co-Editor)
2)     Politics, Culture and Sports (Minister Carlos Albisetti as Key-Editor and Ambassador Kim Heng Meas as Co-Editor)
3)     Economy and Society (Dr. Carlos Aquino as Key-Editor and Chairman Simon Tay as Co-Editor)
4)     Science & Technology and Education (Dr. Jaime Martinez Gandini as Key­Editor and Dr. Won-Ho Kim as Co-Editor)
5)     Institutional Arrangements (Dr. Keiichi Tsunekawa as Key-Editor and Counsellor Rafael Puelma as Co-Editor)
4.              The Vision Group agreed that ECLAC will serve as a resource center for the
Vision Group in providing relevant data and/or research for the Report of the Vision Group. It was recommended that other international organizations including IDB, ADB and ESCAP also participate as resource centers.
5.            The Key editors and Co-editors shall prepare their first draft with a minimum
of 10 to a maximum of 20 pages (1.5 spaces) that includes: future vision, evaluation, and recommendation of medium- and long-term actions for FEALAC.
6.           Each section’s draft shall be submitted to the Chair by September 15th, 2012,
so that all Vision Group members share and pre-discuss the drafts prior to the 2nd FEALAC Vision Group Meeting. Suggestions and useful materials by any members can be sent to relevant editors by July 1st, 2012.

Forum for East Asia and Latin America Forum

7.                       It was recommended that Regional Coordinators, Co-Chairs of each Working
Group and governments of FEALAC member countries support the activities of the Vision Group with relevant documentation and information.

8.                       The Peruvian government has invited, and the Vision Group accepted, the 2nd
FEALAC Vision Group Meeting to be held in Lima, Peru on the dates of October 11-12, 2012. It was requested that Regional Coordinators make arrangements for the dates and venues of the 3rd and 4th Vision Group Meetings.

9.                       The draft reports of the Vision Group shall be reviewed at the 2nd and 3rd
Vision Group meetings. For the final process, the Vision Group shall come to an agreement on the final draft at the 4th Vision Group meeting to be submitted to the 6th FEALAC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting through the Senior Officials’ Meeting.

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